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Here you will find our wide selection of the very best good games. We have all the latest video & pc games, for Xbox 360 and xbox one, aswell as ps3 and ps4! The hobby of modern videogame playing, is one we share as many today.

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67% Of US households play videogames.

40% of these, are female gamers.

And 48% of all parents actually PLAY computer and videogames with their kids today, at least weekly..!

Videogames are an important part of our freetime today in the category of entertainment, for the majority of the population. At least 64% of parents believe games are a positive part of their children's lives.

12 Years. Is the Average number of years adult gamers have been playing computer/videogames.

We share one of the biggest Games libraries out on the market with our affiliates, today... Action, Horrors, Advendture, puzzles, Sports and so on, IT DOESN'T MATTER!

We're ready to assist you in whatever video-games you may now like...

Each of the many popular videogames, based on each IT's own category are here below, lined up into each of their own sections.

are lined up besides each other for you to pick out the video-game-genres you like the most. For instance, Here is a list of the overral best-selling game-franchises during the past 10 years.

1. Call of duty. The shooter game having sold millions of copies for each of its yearly game releases earned it a FIRST place, on the list of best-selling-videogames during this past decade!

2. Mario. Being one of Nintendo's primarily supported games Super Mario has won the hearts of MANY videogame playing enthusiasts.. And thus making it placing at second place on this list, for best-selling videogame genres.

3. Fifa. unsurpricingly, Fifa being one of the BEST selling game franchises, with literaly millions of game copies selling out each year, it seems that there is no indications anytime soon, that it'll stop, in any of future game-years, there is to come...

4. GTA. Gta it is written as, but even most players who's new in this industry today, will know that gta is just the short pronouncement for "Grand theft auto". The incredibly addictive crime based open-world styled action game that usually puts you in the role of some apprentice, building his way up the criminal empire. The games are MASSIVELY played and popular worldwide, and literally every game is sold in millions and millions of numbers with each new release... INCLUDING their REMASTERED game-releases of gta.

At Number 5, "Assassin's Creed" The all ancient-story game series saga is one of the many yet best selling-series out there despite the games themselves being a significant lot of points distant, from the REAL history parts in which the games is based off on. The games are highly popular mostly for their free-roam possibility on the gameplay parts, not to mention their incredibly visually good looking graphics! each game release has sold millions of game copies and is this generation's biggest brand in terms of games, on the MARKET...! And as it looks for the moment, It doesn't seem like that, Ubisoft is gonna stop producing sequels for this game-series anytime soon, now.

6. "WII Fit" The very highly physical-activity based game takes the sixth spot on this list! the Wii Fit games as Wii Fit, Wii Fit U and Wii Fit PLUS has sold widely considering its harsh reception at first.. But the was apparently very popular for it's many game-based activities such as workouts and OTHER sports it has included, and was praised by game-reviewers for its diversity and making it overall feel very realistic and alive, due to its highly accurate sensors catching players every move.

7. "Madden NFL" Yup, Madden didn't make it that far away from the placing of Fifa! Sports games like Madden are highly sought, JUST like the soccer based game and has thereby, placed seventh on this list, of the most popular game franchises.

8. "The Sims". Not surpricingly this game has achieved addiction fame, in MANY male as well as female gamers hearts all over the world..! Even people who DOESN'T tend to play videogames, has picked up the sims, to make out THEIR personal "simers" live their life, with friends, Girl-or-boyfriends as well as families! This incredibly real-life game-simulator gives players and gamers the cool opportunity of starting a virtual NEW life in the form of whatever type of person they now choose or creates for that matter. All with a wide range of options to help their simers in maintaining their different life schedules, and that's all only a small part of whats included in this clever game's experience.

9. "Guitar Hero". Now, this series has been going on forever and ever til this generation and only kept expanding its wide audience for each game.


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What makes a good puzzle...? or good puzzle's to solve, gaming-related anyway. SOME puzzle in some cases desires to solved, in order for the player to be able to progress further through the eventual game's adevnture.

Then again, a puzzle doesn't necessarily NEED to be stressful and yet challenging so to speak.. They can be fun too!- puzzles can thus being quite challenging, also be entertaining at the same time! Puzzlesolving is actually a HUGE freetime-related hobby-interest for largely the majority of the population today, even though most oflks don't know that

and don't even KNOW that they enjoy this type of small free-time activity. but Puzzle games.. Or just game-puzzles in general, can be beneficial not only in the terms of your actual brain health, but also in remaining focused, and concentrated in your overall work itself, even though i CAN be stressful of course...

But for that same reason, many people(not just brain scientists) have theorized in whether, videogames can perhaps actually make you SMART?

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This was being investigated in the beginning if the, Nintedno Ds's carrer by some scientists who performed a Research to prove whether of that, brain-training programs can significantly improve memory and language skills, especially in the category of elderly people

They used the newly and recently released, Nintendo ds game, "DR. Kawasaki's Brain Training" back then, and performed an overall experiment primarily targeting on older people with different types of brain damage, studying their brain stream, and found that just 20 minutes of brain training once every few days, could improve brain functioning significantly in the terms of memories... Previous studies have in fact claimed that brain training programs can delay dementia.. as well as curing alzeimers in later life!!

This of course, gives a whole new meaning to the pronouncement, "life-long Gamer".

Experiments have previously been performed similar to this one, but by with the use of the all too known today paper puzzler, "Sudoku" which has in fact ALSO been included as a small side-activity, on Kawasaki's brain training.

Now when that's then been said, we've of course been working at our hardest, to sort out THE best puzzle-games of this generation. Take a look down below alright, and then get yourself ready for a good mindfuck. back in the still, very early released days, of the very commonly known handheld device,by Nintedo. Very appropriately named, "Nintedo DS"... And has since then evolved into numerous upgraded game systems, such as: Nintendo ds lite, nintendo ds xl, and even a 3D game version back in it's early days.